Munters - Your Perfect Climate

The biggest challenge agriculture is facing is that the population of the world is growing but there is no more land to plow. By the year 2050 we need to produce 60% more food than we produce today, but there is only land available to produce 20% of that need, the other 80% need to come from being more efficient. That’s where Munters come into the equation.

Any place where we put animals or plants inside a building climate control is needed. That is what Munters do. We take the undesirable outside conditions and we change them into totally desirable conditions for the inside of the building.

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Munters was founded by ingenious inventor and entrepreneur Carl Munters in 1955. The business unit in Denmark (located in Aars, knowned as the former Turbovent Agro), became part of Munters in 2007. Munters is a global markedleader providing energi effecient climate control solutions for the aghort, food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. Today, manufacturing and sales are carried out in 30 countries by around 3,500 employees.

The Munters Agriculture Division (Munters AgHort) has many years of experience in development, sale and delivery of complete solutions for pig producers worldwide. Munters AgHort offers today ventilation systems, air cleaning solutions (ammonia and odor reduction), climate control, management programs, fresh air filtering, different types of heat distribution, heat recovery, and different types of cooling, curtain systems, and monitoring and data collection equipment in production. We take great pride in contributing to create the future stable environment in close cooperation with pig producers in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world - focusing on welfare, environment, economics and "best practice".

Nordvestvej 3
9600 Aars

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