Which kind of storage for slurry do you need?

Millag specialises in consultation on and installation of membrane solutions. We supply covered lagoons for separated or non-separated slurry – all depending on what is the best solution on the place.

Millag have more than 20 years of experience as we since 1997 have delivered and installed slurry lagoons all over the world. Some mentioned are Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

In order to reach our own high demands, we have certified and highly qualified technicians who perform the final installation of the membranes.

In Millag we care about the environment. Therefore, we deliver lagoons which meets some of the most restrictive environmental rules in the world. Millag has helped develop the type of membrane we use for slurry lagoons and with this we can provide a durability for at least 30 years. We focus on quality as well as we have a pride in what we do.

For more information, you are welcome to visit our website: www.millag.dk/en or take contact to Export Manager Bent Aagesen, tel. +45 4062 2250, email baa@millag.dk

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