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PIG FACTS is a concept containing theme films related to the most current topics within modern pig production.
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PIG FACTS: Housing Technology

Indoor environment

How to turn slurry into an asset? Here you can learn how to recover the energy for the slurry and how to optimize the indoor pig housing environment and save money in the process.

Distribution of straw

Funki MultiStraw transports cut straw by means of the special transport system, controlled by Funki MultiController. Along with the straw dosing units, this provides a system that can distribute straw at the desired times and amounts during the day.

Automatic stimulation

Stimulus: an automatic stimulation of sows. The stimulation is done in two stages – in 2 programs. The first program which is started when Stimulus is turned on will stimulate the sow roughly with some heavy pressures on the back and in the loin area.

Stimulation of sows

How to reduce man-hours by up to 60%? Stimulation of sows can be time consuming with a negative impact on the production results. Unitron has developed the special device that allows to stimulate the sows automatically. See the results from this Danish farm, where 2 employees can inseminate 125 sows per week with the help of Stimulus.

High quality flooring

Durability of the slats is a key issue with thinking just more than 10-15 years ahead regarding the economy and welfare. Learn why Kasper Jeppesen, owner of a top breeder station in Denmark, chose our slatted floors.

Washing robot

ProCleaner X100 from Washpower is a powerful, flexible and reliable washing robot for cleaning your pig houses and improving your biosecurity. We spoke with Jens Gydike Fly to understand why exactly a washing robot benefits his pig farm.

Loose farrowing pens

WELSAFE is a farrowing pen for loose nursing sows, where the sow can be fixated during farrowing. The farrowing pen’s unique features help to reduce piglet mortality and to increase the weight on weaning compared to the traditional farrowing pens.

Safeguard your investment

This air disinfection for rooms with humans and animals is specially designed to keep the air free of harmful bacteria. It is particularly suitable for avoiding infection risk during the transition from dirty to clean zone.

Automate cleaning

It makes good sense to reduce hard manual labor with automatization, but it will only work if the equipment is simple to use and easy to handle. The optimal solution to cleaning is a non-complicated washing robot that the staff can use directly

APP: More efficient farm

Well, being a farmer in 2020 requires a lot. For example, the farms must be modern and attractive for employees; it must follow all legislations, have high efficiency, handle animal welfare, and at the same time ensure high production results.

Digital management systems

Simple digital solutions are essential to run a modern pig production. Keeping track of all farm parameters manually is a time-consuming task, especially if you run more than one farm.


The protection of commodities against contamination is essential, especially in crops used for feeding livestock. Here we talk about biosecurity, which is preventive measures to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases.

Farm Storage Management

Grainit is a platform that is easily customized to fit your farm and your individual processes. Grainit is an app, which provides automatic registration of harvest and inventory movement.