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PIG FACTS is a concept containing theme films related to the most current topics within modern pig production.
Credibility is the key to the theme films. You get the information directly from the professionals knowing the farmers’ needs and developing the products for them.

PIG FACTS: Education & Management

Feed quality optimization

The Intelligent Silo from BM is an efficient data collection tool, which offers accurate data from the crops in storage with an easy-to-use digital platform.

Digital management systems

Simple digital solutions are essential to run a modern pig production. Keeping track of all farm parameters manually is a time-consuming task, especially if you run more than one farm.

APP: More efficient farm

Well, being a farmer in 2020 requires a lot. For example, the farms must be modern and attractive for employees; it must follow all legislations, have high efficiency, handle animal welfare, and at the same time ensure high production results.

Farm Storage Management

Grainit is a platform that is easily customized to fit your farm and your individual processes. Grainit is an app, which provides automatic registration of harvest and inventory movement.

Understanding pig behavior

It is important to prepare the piglets for weaning, where piglets stop drinking milk and must eat feed. This can be done by understanding the piglets’ needs and their natural behavior.