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One of Brazil’s biggest food companies visited Danish Pig Academy

30th of August, Danish Pig Academy was honored to welcome representatives of BRF – a Brazilian food company and one of the biggest in the world with over 30 brands in its portfolio, among them Sadia, Perdigão, Qualy, Paty, Dánica and Bocatti. Its products are sold in more than 150 countries, on all five continents.

Visiting Danish Pig Academy is a part of BRF’s official program in Denmark which was arranged by Danish Agriculture and Food Council in cooperation with the Trade Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Among the guests were Head of Animal Health at BRF, Specialist on Poultry Production, CIEX Innovation Manager as well as Specialist on Industrial Process and Specialists on Quality Assurance.

The purpose of BRF’s visit is to share and gain knowledge by exploring the theme salmonella. Focus is on production processes in Denmark and the objective is to obtain more information on the

initiatives taken by Denmark through the Danish Salmonella Program to achieve Salmonella Free Status.  In this connection, BRF also wants to learn about solutions for reducing salmonella in pig production.

Several members of Danish Pig Academy were glad to contribute to the subject with their knowledge and experience. Among the speakers during the day were representatives of ACO FUNKI, BM Silo, Combigas, European Protein, Skov, Vilofoss, Washpower as well as EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency.

We would like to thank all delegates for visiting us. We hope they had a pleasant stay here at Danish Pig Academy.

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