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Company Intro

AgriFarm was established on October 1, 2013 by Hans Jørgen Pedersen and Erling Friis Pedersen.

Agrifarm is continuing agricultural activities from MT Hoejgaard, including concepts for costumes and pigs with premium and patented environmental technologies.

Over the years, we have developed unique barn concepts and, in particular, a number of innovative environmental technologies that have received more awarding prizes, such as Agromek prices in respectively. 2009, 2012 and 2014 and the EU’s environmental award in 2012.

We have chosen to establish AgriFarm in Agro Business Park to be close to the perhaps best research community of agriculture, University of Aarhus, where there is a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation in agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technology.

Agrifarm contacts and history


Agri AirClean – the safe choice

Agri AirClean clean very efficient Ammonia- and odor emmisions away. Agri AirClean is modular to accommodate the need for air cleaning in your stable.

Agri AirClean is a chemical air cleaner that effectively removes ammonia and odor emissions from all stables and all breeds of domestic animals. The cleaner is particularly suitable for spot / floor extraction where the concentration of ammonia and odor is particularly high. Agri AirClean is designed to be used in open stables, also cow stables, and therefore low temperatures do not prevent the air cleaning. After a stop, the cleaning process can be restarted with full power and is therefore particularly useful in all outputs in production of, for example, finishers.





Agri Air in 4 different versions
  AGRI AirWash AGRI AirClean
Capacity m3 per hour ≤ 75.000 ≤ 25.000 ≤ 25.000 ≤ 25.000
Cleaning efficiency N (ammonia) * ≤ 98% ≤ 98% ****
Cleaning efficiency OU (odor) ** ≤ 88% *** ≤ 88%

* Is possible to install afterword´s, then the capacity will be reduced to ≤ 25.000 m3/h, cleaning efficiency will be ≤ 98% N.

** Is possible to install afterword´s, then the capacity will be reduced to ≤ 25.000 m3/h, cleaning efficiency will be ≤ 88% OU.

*** Is possible to install afterword’s, the efficiency will be ≤ 88%

**** Is possible to install afterword’s, the efficiency will be ≤ 98%


Greater production and better bottom line

Agri AirClean makes it possible to gather more animals on fewer production units, thereby supporting efficient and economically sustainable livestock production, and better utilization of employee resources, benefiting your bottom line. You produce your own NS fertilizer of the spared ammonia and chemistry, and therefore the Agri AirClean is an economically efficient air cleaner.

Agri AirClean is controlled, regulated and monitored via the Smartfarm operating system. The function of Agri AirClean is fully automated and does not require manual control and monitoring. By Ph and conductivity measurement, correct amounts of supply of chemistry and drainage of the emitted emissions (fertilizer / waste) are ensured. Monitoring of the liquid circuit and fans ensures alarm call in case of failure.



Agrifarm has developed the Intellifarm stable concept that benefits the environment, the animals and the economy

With Intellifarm you get a better environment, increase animal welfare and reduce energy consumption.

The stable concept Intellifarm focuses on energy saving, reduction of stable environmental impact and good overall economy. The stable type is built for large production, therefore it also has a width of 30-60 meters in the pig stables and up to 75 meters in livestock farms. It provides a more square and compact building, a smaller construction area and a stable with a good overview of the animals.

Intellifarm is equipped with a innovative ventilation principle, hybrid ventilation, where technology combines natural ventilation with a floor extraction which ultimately causes low energy levels. It is only the mechanical ventilation in the floor drain that is energy consuming.

The indoor climate, and thereby animal welfare in Intellifarm, has been significantly improved. The large air exchange / aircleaning in Intellifarm is beneficial to the animals, and the interaction between natural ventilation and floor extraction makes it possible to collect most of the ammonia and odor emissions and at the same time for hot periods to lower the heat emission from the animals with a good pen ventillation. The result of the improved indoor climate is seen in less stressed animals and a better production economy.

Intellifarm concept

5 benchmarks in the development of our Intellifarm stables

  1. Production safety for the farmer.

We choose safe and proven solutions combined with innovation, bringing livestock production to a higher level, productive and profit-making.

  1. Energy saving.

We want to contribute to achieving a greener profile for agriculture, while ensuring a better bottom line for the farmer.

  1. Reduction of environmental impact.

The Intellifarm stables collect most ammonia and odor emissions. Thereby, the farmer effectively reduces the burden on the local community, while at the same time achieving the opportunity to establish greater livestock production without increasing pollution and no neighboring genes.

  1. Effective logistics.

By building wider and more square buildings, we improve the traffic in the stables, while at the same time you typically achieve a smaller construction area, ie. that the total construction fills less.

  1. Animal welfare.

Good well-proven solutions combined with innovation in ventilation and climate contribute to increased animal welfare


Intellifarm – developed for large-scale production of fattening pigs

With Intellifarm, you can increase the number of pigs produced while reducing the environmental impact of the barn and achieve high energy savings. It significantly improves your bottom line.

When building new stable for finishers, there is a significant financial benefit for you to build a large stable with many pens. Intellifarm is designed for large-scale production focusing on energy conservation, less environmental impact, optimal logistics and animal welfare.

Finisher stable with practical advantages

The Intellifarm stable is built up to 60 m wide and therefore wider than traditional stables. It typically provides a more square and compact building, a smaller construction area, and a stable with a good overview of the pigs.

Hybrid ventilation = less energy consumption and better stable climate

The Intellifarm for finishers is equipped with hybrid ventilation. Hybrid ventilation combines natural ventilation with a floor extraction, significantly reducing energy consumption to ventilation.

Lots of fresh air in the stable

The stable is decorated with ceiling to the top and therefore has a large air volume with many m3 air available to the pigs. The large volume of air contributes to the good living climate both summer and winter, without risk for cold air over the pigs.

You save away 8 out of 10 fans

Production safety – well-known stable equipment

Intellifarm is a production-proof stable and an attractive solution for large-scale production of fattening pigs at a competitive price. The pens is traditional, for example 2.40 * 5.10 with well-defined rest-, manure- and activity areas. The stable decor gives you a good overview of the pigs.

Adjustable coverings – Pigs well-being

All pens are provided with adjustable covers to provide optimal climatic conditions for new piglets moving in. The coverings make it possible to operate with a slightly lower stable temperature for the benefit of the animals’ well-being and health.

Heat in your slaughterhouse

Hose in the fixed floor gives the ground heat in the stable, and the window rip pipes provide room heat and ensure air intake without cold air coming on the pigs. Slaughter pigs acknowledge for the heat, because heat lowers the humidity of the stable.

Smaller dust, odor and ammonia

The floor extraction efficiently removes dust, odor and ammonia from the stable room, creating an effective air change in the pens, which is especially important on hot summer days to give the pigs a cool and comfortable climate without mess in the pens.

Floor extraction is good for working and stable environments

The floor extraction causes ammonia and odor concentration in the stable room to be very low. It provides a pure stable air, with less dust, and better working conditions for those working in the stable, and a better animal welfare for the animals. Good conditions for the animals increase your production results.

Floor extraction supports your environmental approval

On average over the year 75% ammonia and 60% odor emissions are collected. If you also clean the extracted air with Agri AirCleaner, then you can typically obtain environmental approval for a larger production because you protect the environment.

Frequent manure slurry

Flushing manure is performed automatically. This means less odor loading from the stable and gives you an easier daily life because you avoid heavy and time-consuming lifting of slurry plugs.

Smart farm – ventilation, climate and air cleaning in one unit

Smartfarm controls, regulates and monitors the ventilation, heating and cooling in the stable on the central PC and can be monitored on the smartphone or tablet. Error messages are received by SMS and / or mail. Air cleaner management is integrated in Smartfarm.

Intellifarm Finishers – pdf



SmartFarm creates an overview of your farm, makes everyday life easier with a few clicks on the screen.

SmartFarm for climate control in stables for pigs or cows

With a Smartfarm control, you get the following features on a platform:

  • Ventilation control
  • Lighting control
  • High-pressure cooling
  • Showering
  • Covering control
  • Automatic slurry slushing
  • Air cleaning

Smartfarm operation is by PC, tablet or SmartPhone. This means that you can remotely manage the stables, from the stable office or wherever you are, it just requires an internet connection.

Employee delegation – means that employees in charge of specific housing sections receive alarms from these and not from all other sections.

Language switching – means that it is easier to receive new foreign employees, and to introduce them faster to the work in the stable.