Danish Pig Academy is a collaboration of independent Danish companies within equipment and services for pig production. The Danish Pig Academy is a gathering point for both international and Danish pig producers as well as other interested persons, groups, institutions and organizations within the pig industry.

Who We Are
Danish Pig Academy promotes cooperation and strengthens the sale of Danish equipment and services to pig producers worldwide through a joint showroom and network.
The Danish Pig Academy provides the pig producer with the opportunity to experience the best of Danish technology gathered in one place.

Our vision
Danish Pig Academy will be the pig producer's preferred entrance to the choice of suppliers and will add value to members' customers and partners. Danish Pig Academy must be recognized as an innovative and relevant gathering place for both Danish and foreign pig producers.

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The Danish Pig Academy has established the unique showroom in Denmark full of professional equipment and inspirational environment. Visiting the showroom is a great experience for you, who work in the pig industry, because it is here you can:
• see all kinds of modern equipment within the branch – all in one place;
• get professional consultancy;
• learn about the world-famous way of Danish pig production and, of course, get lots of inspiration.

What can you use it for
Here you have an opportunity to hold meetings and events in the exciting and inspiring surroundings. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to stay overnight in our recently renovated guest house. Everyone, who has an interest, can book a meeting room and order meals for the professional and social events. The members of Danish Pig Academy can, by agreement, offer a variety of professional presentations.

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About Danish pig industry

For more than 100 years, the production of pigs has been an important asset for Denmark - both in terms of employment and export.

The Danish pig industry is among the leading pig industries in the world in areas such as breeding, quality, food safety and traceability, and this is a significant reason behind why Denmark is the world's largest exporter of pork. The foundation of this success is very much found in the co-operative movement that ensures complete control of each and every step in the entire production chain.

The trend in Danish pig production is still moving towards fewer pig farms. In 2008, Denmark had 5,514 pig farms against 16,880 in 1998. In 2008, 62 per cent of all Danish sows were found on farms with more than 500 sows/year vs 15 per cent in 1998. Of 4,937 farms with finishers, 1,329 accounted for 62 per cent of the overall production of finishers.

If the trends continue, an average sow farm will consist of 1,000 sows and an average finisher producer will produce 11,000 pigs annually in 2020.*

*Source: Pig Research Center